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One of the main questions we get asked is - what is the difference between wedding planning and wedding styling? To put it simply, wedding planning gets everyone where they need to be whilst wedding styling is what makes it look stunning. Styling gives that design assistance that sets the day apart.


Often couples say they don't know what style of wedding they'd like. We always say 'You do...you just don't know it yet'. We help you tell your story, through your wedding style.

Once we have worked with you to develop the style of wedding you want, that's when the magic happens. We can take that concept (or your pinterest board) and truly bring it to life, through integrated colour palettes, luxe linens, bespoke lighting, stunning decor and much more. 

Our 'styling only' wedding service would suit a couple who would like to organise the nuts and bolts of their wedding themselves but are struggling with seeing how everything would look and feel. Especially where to find the best suppliers for that.  Wedding styling brings the unexpected and memorable to your day.